Here are the games lined up on Twitter this week for our #LoonyLotto

As well as the usual Loony board games, we have some fun quizes & games to play over the next week to gain a plethora of #LoonyLotto enties.

#LoonyLottoTree – Now – win our XMAS Tree

#LoonyLochdown – Mon

#LoonySpirit – Tue

#LoonyLottoDrearyDrab – Thurs

#LoonyLottoBrunch – Sun

The week after we will be doing a live Q&A with Howling, will confirm day/time later this week along with the promo’s for LoonyDrearyDrab and LoonyBrunch


To greatly increase your chances to win oodles of LoonyLotto entries in the games LoonySpirit and LoonyDrearyDrab, we strongly suggest that you tune into

on Tuesday & Thursday from 10am-noon!!!

Tampon Tax

We are very pleased to see that the Tax on Tampons is due to be revised as of 1st Jan.
Yet another Loony Party Policy  from Chinner’s Manicfesto of 2005 that our Government has finally enacted. Due to EU rules  this could not have be done any sooner, with the exception of Ireland.
RU Seerius

Roll out the vaccine

Manicfesto Proposal:  Save our Pubs (and our Lives)

  1. Put the Covid vaccine in Beer..
  2. Open the Pubs, and in two days time the whole country will be vaccinated
    (thanks to Michael for this one)
    RU Seerius

New Year Loony Honours

Once again, we in the caring sharing party have deemed it appropriate to bestow a twinkle of Loonyness on some well deserving people of our fine isle.

Lord Mike Batt – Minister of Bright-Eyed Wombles & Rabbits
Lord Batt is one of the finest musicians and conductors of his or anyone else’s generation. His Watership Down song ‘Bright Eyes’ is regarded by Paul McCartney as one of the best songs he never wrote. This song was performed to stunning effect by our Lord Tiswas Bunny, aged 5, back in 1979. Lord Batt’s first OFFICIAL Loony duties will be keeping Lord Tiswas Bunny in check . . . good luck with that task m’lud.

The Nolans – Ministers of Happy Family Mood Dancing
Multi chart topping, biggest girl group of the universe have longed been overlooked in the annual gongs . . . not any longer, they are now ‘at home with the loonys’, a series that you can watch on catch-up on QuestRedTV

Finally, we pronounce our first corporate honour to all the people who have served us in the shops. Like our wonderful NHS and other key workers, they have ALL been in the front line during this pandemic, but seldom receive any recognition for the valuable service they have provided . . . we salute every single one of you who are now our Ministers of Valuable Counters & Service.


The Naked Truth – A 2021 Calendar

Twenty four ‘real’ men and women, including SEVEN  Official Monster Raving Loonies, posed naked during the first 2020 lockdown to help Lady Lily the Pink in her quest to lighten the load, lift spirits and raise money for a mental health charity.  The chosen charity is the BDD Foundation (Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation) and was chosen by vote from those modelling in the calendar
“it seemed fitting that a calendar portraying 24 real people with plenty of issues, many of which were body related; should chose a charity that deals with mental illnesses caused by body image. Whilst most people have some issues with some part of their body, it becomes a problem when that perceived defect is obsessed about and behaviour and ability to function in everyday life is affected”
Body Dysmorphia can manifest itself in several ways, self-harm, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, OCD; some of the many issues potentially exacerbated with the additional stresses and dysfunctionality of 2020

The idea came about following World Naked Gardening Day on 1st May, Lady Lil, decided to recreate a famous artwork, one of the many paintings of Hilda by Duane Bryers, it seemed like a laugh and she hoped it would put a smile of a few faces.  A couple of friends subsequently sent out to celebrate World Naked Gardening, and the idea of a ‘Calendar girls” style fundraiser was born.

Berni, AKA Lady Lil put a shout out on FB and the response was astounding.  People were invited to photograph themselves or be photographed by someone in their home, doing whatever it is they were doing to pass the time in lockdown.  Photos were sent to Berni who, with the help of Lady Lils Official Photographer from the 2020 by-election, honorary loony, Ann Seymour, a calendar was collated with TWO images per month, and each image accompanied by a little story about the person captured.
Initially they had 150 calendars printed but as December approached it became apparent that more might be needed, so a second print run was arranged.  There are now a further 50 available for sale.
If you would like to support our loony friends and help a fantastically good cause get in touch with Berni / Lady Lil; she’ll even sign the calendar for you!  You never know, she might be Prime Minister one day, stranger things have happened!  Calendars are £10 plus p&p but feel free to make a donation without ordering a calendar (now there’s a loony idea ?   … )
Loonies in the Calendar:
Lady Lily The Pink, Viscount Gaffer, Tilly Twitcher, Bearly Holding It Together Beryl, Arty Pole , Baron Badger, Mad Cow

To order a calendar or speak to Lady Lil : email : or FB Message @ladylilythepink
To find out more about the charity: BDD | Home | Body Dysmorphic Disorder (

To find out more about Ann Seymour, without whom none of this would have been possible

To make a donation just because we’re all crazy and it’s a great cause go to

Pictured clothed : Tilly Twitcher, Lady Lily Pink, Bearly Holding It Together Beryl

Lady Lily the Pink

Oh what a horrible year that was, 2020

Gods saving grace that we are all still here.
Started off well as usual, spent the month of January out with our ‘Mediterranean Loonies’ in Malta. All is well with them, they want us to hold a conference out there. Something to think about, it wouldn’t be the first time we held a conference in a country where nobody can vote for us, we held a very successful one out in Jersey in 2008. No one could vote for us there either, but there you are, that what makes our ‘Loony Party’ so special, the absolute absurdity of it all. Not getting away from the fact, that it is all jolly good fun after all!
In February I spent a week up in Louth in Lincolnshire by kind permission of The Iconic Arty Pole, tying up the arrangements to have our 2020 conference there, all went well, all sorted. Hotels booked, bands booked, great.
Then March, ‘Bang’ thrown in to a lockdown, never mind, September Conference is a long way off yet. Threw all my plans to visit our Canary Island branch in Lanzarote though in May, staying with the chairman Ri-Dick-ulous Knowles.
1st of May was a very special day for me, after 3 years of thinking, making notes and generally racking my brain, my Autobiography was launched. It’s very aptly called ‘The Great White Hope’. I’m very proud of it, its selling very well. At this point I would like to thank my ‘Ghost Writer’ (how scary is that) Prince Rex of Fleet, aka Patric Downs, and Derrill Carr my PA man for all their patience and belief!
4th July, hooray, lockdown all over, great, lets get on with it. Myself, Lawd Lawson and O B Joyful were guests at the premier of the latest Screaming Lord Sutch documentary at The Windlesham Theatre, not on general release as yet, but well worth looking out for. Wonderful to see some of David Sutch’s old friends there, especially Peter ‘The Pirate’ Stockton, who was my agent at the Kensington and Chelsea by-election. He also stood as one of our candidates down in Winchester at one time.
Now September conference is looming, because of social distancing still in operation, I decide that it had to be cancelled, it just would not have work under those circumstances. None more sorrier than me, I’ve attended every one since 1984, this would have been our 37th.
Not looking to good for 2021 either, so far, ‘Malta’ January cancelled, ‘Bath Ball’ February Cancelled, not even booking for Lanzarote this time. Plus, if we have to wear masks for the rest of the year after ‘The Jab’, so we are led to believe. I cant see a conference working either.
On the brighter side of 2020, I’d like to thank ‘Chinners’ for keeping us alive on Twitter, and ‘Barmy Lord Brockman’ for keeping us smiling on Facebook. Well done my Loonical friends. Also all the other members behind the scenes that make it all work.
Oh enough of your apathy, stop it, I’m now telling myself. At least we are all still alive and I am able wish you all, ‘Hopefully’. A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.
Really looking forward to the day we can all meet up again, I’m missing you all!!!
Hooowling Laud Hope

EU Policy and more!

  • If we leave the EU without a deal we will introduce a blanket ban on continental quilts.
  • We will paint our coastal limits Red White & Blue, so that British fish know where they are at all times.
  • Once in Government we will replace the Foreign Secretary with a British one.
  • We will be extending 2020 to give it the chance to get it right.
  • Increase the safety of British children by naming all newborns with at least 12 letters, including a capital, a number and a special character. Like Flying Brick’s son *PicUL1@r!?*

Keeping Them Honest

Recently this petition appeared on social media and the question was asked “Should the OMRLP get involved?” After all we’ve been saying something similar for many years. Equally, as a Party, we are not keen on legislation for legislation sake – and these Government Petitions don’t have much of a record of changing things.
To my mind this petition is a rebuke to MP’s, as it says ‘we are watching you’, and boy do they take some watching!
The matter would be debated by MP’s after 100,000 signatures are cast. There would be irony and hopefully embarrassment, which is the best we can do in the absence of public stocks! I base this on the last time they were caught in the expenses smash & grab when they introduced and fudged the ‘Recall Act’.
At the end of the day, I believe it is up to each and every Loony to decide if they wish to support the petition, but if we don’t ‘Keep ’em Honest’ who will?
Make it a criminal offence for MPs to mislead the public – Petitions (

I take this opportunity to wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Valentines Day and Easter!
Barmy Lord Brockman of Sealand