Loony Party Conference 2019

After much speculation and arranging to have this years conference down South, and not coming up with the right answers, we have decided to go back to Belper in Derbyshire once more. With the kind permission of Craig the landlord of the George and Dragon, the scene of last years ‘Belter in Belper’. Those of you that were there, will remember how great it was, and how wonderful the people were. Lets see if we can top that this year, I expect we can, or have a good laugh trying.
No definite entertainment has been fixed as yet, only the dates Thurs 26-27-28th September, although once again I shall be there as from Thurs 19th, so if you want to make a week of it, you won’t be on your own. So don’t leave booking yourself in to late, as some did last year, there is plenty of accommodation around if you book early. More info as it unfolds. I’m off to Malta now until 1st April, so will be in touch again on my return.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Party Leader.

Dr Diablo in Blackpool

‘Dr Diablo and the Rodent show’.
If you’re near Blackpool on Saturday you should go and see them . . .

99p coin minting error

An error in the 2018 conference write up in the Wetherspoon Magazine. The article states I produced the 99p coin, when in fact it was Tony Blythe, the Jersey Flyer, our party chairman that minted these coins out in Jersey. He handed me one when I started talking about them, so it appeared I already had one. The fact that the 99p coin idea went down so well, was because of his quick thinking. Thank you Tony.
Howling Laud Hope

New Party Headquarters in Lanzarote.

We now have a new party Headquarters, it is not the Bulldog Bar in Costa Tequise anymore. The Landlord ‘Tigger the Loon’ has taken up residence in Playa Honda at the El Bereber Bar that was, address – Calle Guanarame 57. It has taken on a new name, it’s now called ‘Tiggers Sports Bar’. A very handy location because its right next door to the ‘Monster Radio Station’ where you can sit in the sunshine, and meet all the Spanish/ Lanzarote TV and Radio Stars.
I was over there for three weeks early January, officiating the new Party HQ move. Lawd Lawson and O B Joyful flew over for a week to attend the grand opening, and a grand time was had by all. Special thanks to Ri Dickulous Knowles and Tigger for arranging such an auspicious event, all the bar staff, and the happy bunch of locals that welcomed us with great excitement!
News of Party Conference 2019 to follow very soon . . .
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Party Leader

Ferry Contract

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party are applying for an HM Government ferry service contract.
Given we currently have two more vessels than Seaborne Freight, we expect the contract being awarded to us will be a mere formality.

Loony New Years honours!

In the time of the New Year honours by her majesty Liz, we proclaim the following who has been overlooked behind all the oh-so unworthy winners of the annual gongs.
International model superstar, Scarlet Bouvier, has now been given the joint ownership of the OFFICIAL party whip of the OFFICIAL Monster Raving Loony Party. She has graciously accepted the role and declared that ‘it’s the highlight of my drinking career so far’
In these divisive times for our political opponents, she promises to ensure that our party will be whipped into shape at the first signs of any transgressions!
Under her command the party whip will not be IN or OUT but regularly applied to SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT!

20 nnnnnn19 is upon us!

I trust you all had a Pretty Loony Christmas, I did, but then again I always do.
2018 was quite an eventful year, I started off January in Lanzarote with the Canarian Loonys. Then in March with the Mediterranean Loonys in Malta.
In April I managed to retain my seat on the Fleet Town Council where I live, with a massive amount of ‘unopposed votes’ I am still Chairman of Highways and Transport and vice Chair of Planning. And well done to all the other members that stood in their various seats (that sounds pretty loony to me)
May didn’t go as well as expected though, didn’t get on as a District Councillor, that’s still to come Hopefully.
June saw us all invade Lewisham for a By-election. As usual we didn’t come last, we were 9th out of 14 candidates. Later on in June I was up in Rotherham with our Yorkshire gang, then on to Hartlepool for the wedding of two of our members George and Dottie Stuart.
In July I was guest of honour to open a local Garden Party in Cove, Hampshire, for the Phylis Tuckwell charity, raised £2,500.
August saw me down on the south coast, Seaford, Bexhill and Hastings, keeping in touch, and meeting people of our like kind.
September, we all converged into Belper Derbyshire for our Annual Conference, the 34th to be precise. A good time was had by all.
Oct – Nov pretty quiet, good job too.
For any more detail of the things mentioned in my yearly round up, see – loonyparty.com Special thanks to Joe Jammer for his release of the latest Loony Party song ‘Oh Oh’.
My life story book is well under way, being ‘Ghost Written’ by Patric (no K) Downes.

Once again a sad farewell to Boney Maroney and Chrissy Laugh and a Half, may you both rest in peace. Yet again, thanks to all of you that joined us, in any of the events that you did, and a warm welcome to all new members.
Conference 2019 has not been finalised as yet, but should be confirmed in February, once again the last weekend of September, so mark it in your diary. It will be a big one, it will mark my 20th year as your ‘Loony Party Leader’, the longest serving leader in British Politics. With special thanks to our team, Flying, RU, the Baron, Chinners, Knapper and all.
So Christmas has gone by once more, all that’s left for me to say is ‘Have a Happy New Year’. See you all next time, whenever and wherever.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Party Leader.

Howling Laud in the Winter Wetherspoons Magazine