Lily the Pink on the Campaign trail!

Lady Lily the Pink is putting the finishing touches to a batch of pink fairy cakes. The kitchen surfaces at her home, in Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys, are sticky with pink icing. The colour scheme matches that of her election-time alter ego, Lady Lily the Pink.
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Lily the Pink

General Election

On your marks, get set, ready, here we go. A general election has been called for Thursday 12th December 2019. Your party expects, ‘if you can’, to be a candidate, in your own constituency. You must bear in mind though, that you can’t just do it, you must get a letter of authorisation from our registered Nomination Officer. This is done easily enough by calling Howling Laud on 07946292557. Give him your name, plus ‘Loony Name’ if you have one, (if not he will sort you). Address, phone no, and E-mail, also the name of the constituency in which you want to stand. At this precise moment in time we have twenty four candidates confirmed. So come on in and join us and you never know, you could become a hero. A legend in your time, or even a sensible politician. Getting ready to Rule the Looniverse.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Loony Party Leader.

Deputy Leaders

In the wake of the Labour Party trying to get rid of their Deputy Leader, the OFFICIAL Monster Raving Loony Party now has 5 deputy leaders! Knigel Knapp, Baron Von Thunderclap, Chinners, The Incredible Flying Brick &  RU Seerius.
Another First for the Loony Party The Dream Team
Hooowling Laud Hope

36th Monster Raving Loony Party roundup – Conference 2019

Another Belter in Belper, we returned to the venue of our very successful 2018 conference, and were welcomed with open arms by the town, and ‘The George and Dragon’. Once again Craig and his staff did us proud.
I arrived as usual 10 days prior to the event, just to make sure all was well. Thursday saw many people arriving to get settled in for the weekend. Friday started off with a TV spot, we were recorded for the Daily Politics show North East, by Tony Roe which was then sent round nationwide, very honoured we were too, a great success. Followed by various radio interviews.
Then, wow, it started. Entertainment was second to none. First on was Gareth Ike, son of David, excellent spot, all his own material, interesting songs that you could actually understand. Up next came ‘Man Pant’ with Craig the landlord as lead vocalist, a good fun Glam Rock band. Followed by ‘Gripper and the Gurnards’, punk rock at its best, featuring ‘Nick the Flying Brick’, loony party treasurer on bass guitar. The Loony All Stars then backed Joe Jammer from Chicago, great set, it was Joe’s birthday! Chinners was then invited up to do a rendition of ‘Jack the Ripper’ in memory of ‘Screaming Lord Sutch’, followed by a Rock’n’Roll spot from our Illustrious Leader, Howling ‘Laud’ Hope, much to the surprise of many. Last but not least, ‘Badaxe’ managed to get himself chucked off stage by the management, yet another great achievement, another venue he’s barred from. Ended up finishing his spot out in the car park. He’ll be back! Ha Ha.

Saturday 12 noon pub crawl of Belper, the town came alive, they knew we were coming, made us all feel very welcome. We were joined now by ‘The Black Pig Morris Side’ what a colourful spectacle they are. Once again buses stopped to watch our shenanigans, and rounds of applause from the local crowds. Back to base now for our annual cabinet reshuffle, in a bedroom cabinet laid on its back, the TV love it. The Party Leader then gavea stirring speech much to the amusement and accolade of all that were there. Thanking all those who stood in their local elections, especially Lily the Pink who beat Ukip in the Brecon by-election. Something very unusual happened next, we broke a world record, we had 112 people playing ‘The Eye of the Tiger’ on Kazoos, a record held out in America by 97 people, not any more. Then went on to set two new records, 112 people playing ‘The Laurel and Hardy’ theme tune, ‘The Cuckoo Song’, plus ‘Land of Hope and Glory’. Special thanks to Barmy Lord Brockman for arranging this performance and supplying the Gazzoos. A short welcome break now before the evening show. —– Phew!
‘The Big Fibbers’ opened up, stalwarts as ever. Followed by Dale Rowles and his BB Black Dog Band, Steam Punk at its best. All culminating with the Stars of the weekend Dr Diablo and the Rodent show, lets use that word again ‘WOW’excellent.
All in all, we wondered if we could do better than last year, we had a jolly good try, and many said we succeeded, Well, lets try again next year, Louth in Lincolnshire is looking good at the moment, although other venues are offering to host. Salisbury, Coalville, Fleet, Blackpool, Wales and Manchester. See – loonyparty .com – for info as it happens.
Now looking ahead, a General Election is looming, more than likely than not. Have you got your £500 deposit ready to stand, if not borrow it. We need as many candidates as possible, political pundits are laying bets that we will achieve our best results ever, and in many cases retain our £500 deposits for the first time ever. Think about it seriously.
Once again, many thanks to Dale Rowles for his expertise Craig and his gang at the George & Dragon, all the wonderful artistes that entertained us. But most of all, to those of you that showed up and gave us your friendship and moral support. The mainstay of our distinguished party. Without you all, it could not happen.
Thanks also to all our party members from The Flying Brick, R U Seerius, Baron Von Thunderclap, Sir Knigel Knapp, and Chinners. The Loony Team.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Loony Party Leader.

Conference time – countdown

Friday. Gareth Icke – the son of David, Live from Chicago via London, the world famous, Mr Joe Jammer -it’s his birthday, Gripper & the Gurnards, and Badaxe – Britain’s most banned act!

Saturday. Meet 12 noon for town walkabout, (Pub Crawl) spreading the word including occasional live dancing from the famous Black Pig Border Morris. Then back to HQ for our World renown cabinet reshuffle, before our Illustrious leader’s speech. Then on with the show, Man Pant, The Big Fibbers, BB Black Dog. Followed by our main attraction, the fabulous, ‘Dr Diablo and the Rodent’ show.starts

The 36th Monster Raving Loony Party Conference

Taking place at The George and Dragon, 117 Bridge Street, Belper, DE56 1BA
Thurs 26-Fri 27- Sat 28th Sept.

Line-up of activities as follows.
Thursday/Fri. Meet and greet and discuss possible future policies.

Friday. Gareth Icke – the son of David, Live from Chicago via London, the world famous, Mr Joe Jammer -it’s his birthday, Gripper & the Gurnards, and Badaxe – Britain’s most banned act!

Saturday. Meet 12 noon for town walkabout, (Pub Crawl) spreading the word including occasional live dancing from the famous Black Pig Border Morris. Then back to HQ for our World renown cabinet reshuffle, before our Illustrious leader’s speech. Then on with the show, Man Pant, The Big Fibbers, BB Black Dog. Followed by our main attraction, the fabulous, ‘Dr Diablo and the Rodent’ show.

Plenty of accommodation in Belper if you look around. Camping on ‘Dale’s Estate’ call Dale Rowle’s Mob: 07799 462891 – Landline: 01773 822205.
We will also be celebrating our leader, Howling ‘Laud’ Hope on becoming Britain’s longest serving party leader of 20 yrs. As previously mentioned, I shall be at The George and Dragon as from Thurs 19th Sept, so if you want to make a week of it, you won’t be alone.
See you all there with your silliest head on.
The Howling ‘Laud’ Party Leader.

Conference: Do You Wanna Be A Record Breaker?

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party & guests will be attempting to set a new WORLD record at our 2019 Conference. We are proud to be representing Great Britain in our attempt to take the title from the current World Record Holders in the U.S.A. On 17th May  2015 at the ‘Bay to Breakers’ road race in San Francisco, California, 97 people set a world record for the largest kazoo rendition of “Eye of the Tiger.” We are hopeful that at least 100 Loonys & Guests will set a new world record at the Conference. We are Kazooing for Great Britain. . . Kazoo’s will be supplied but feel welcome to bring your own. We will also be setting a new British record: The Most People To Play The Cuckoo Song (Laurel & Hardy theme) On A Kazoo in The George & Dragon. Other Kazoo based records may be attempted.

Brecon and Radnorshire roundup

Lily writes:
Well there you have it , by-election done and dusted . . . And guess what? WE BEAT UKIP! By a lot! A surge of loony support, giving Lady Lil 334 votes +1% to UKIPs 242.
Screaming Lord Sutch beat the SDP back in the 1990 Bootle by-election and that saw their demise. Maybe this is the final nail in the UKIP coffin?
I’ve had an absolute blast this last 5 weeks, I’ve met amazing people, dished out my fair share of cwtches (Welsh hugs), I’ve sung and danced with people in the streets. It’s been awesome. People on the whole are ordinarily extraordinary, and I find that totally wonderful.
My aim was to get people out to vote when they might otherwise have not. I can happily declare my mission accomplished as the by-election turnout was 59.72 %
The Lib-Dems knocked the Tories out but by a surprisingly slim margin seeing as they ran with the disgraced candidate who had recently been found guilty of forging invoices for his expense claim and had lost a recall petition with 19% veto.
Lily ended by saying “right, where are my meds? Stick me in a tent in a field and let me sleep for three days” . . . And as far as we know that’s where she is . . .
Lady Lily the Pink


Howling writes:
‘Brecon Beckoned’, and we were there in all our glory. I arrived at our Welsh Party HQ, ‘The Neuadd Arms Hotel’, in Llanwrtyd Wells, which is within the constituency, on Sunday 28th July. Very surprised do be told “we are holding a welcoming party tonight”. Lady Lily the Pink our candidate excelled herself, along with other Welsh Party members. Monday saw myself with Lily and John, canvassing Llandridnod Wells and Knighton. They dropped me off in middle of the towns, I canvassed the public houses whilst they went leaflet dropping, it works well that way. Monday evening saw us at a Hustings in Presteign, 250-300 people, guess who the star of the show was, yes, of course, it was our Lily. Lily went to Brecon on Tuesday and delivered her last 200 leaflets all on her own, whilst I once again did the local public houses of Llanwrtyd. Wednesday was a rest day before the storm.

Election Day Thursday 1st, we all mustered up at the HQ to head of to Builth Wells where the count was held. Chris Rogers, party Member, aka Lord Offa of the Dykes, had arranged for our pre election victory party to be in the ‘Barley Mow’ in Builth. Whereupon we were joined by The Flying Brick, Mr R.U. Seerius, and Lady Hell ’n Bak for the final proceedings. Thirteen of us proceeded to the count at the ‘Builth Showground’. Wow, what a reception, the whole worlds cameras were waiting for us. Lily once again was the star of the show.

Lily and I walked in together, the cameras wouldn’t stop clicking. Political counts always look forward to our ‘Loony Party’ entrance, and do we know how to do that.
Great chat and banter throughout the parade, a lot of the usual suspects there. All wanting to congratulate Lily on the way that she had conducted her campaign. She certainly was a Loony Party credit, was the words I heard on more than one occasion. I can vouch for that having been with her for a week, an amazing show.
Not all over yet, the result. The place erupted when it was finally announced that Lily had beaten UKIP. Wow what a result. They will probably pack up now, as Dr David Owen’s SDP did in Bootle in 1990 when we beat them.

Saturday night the HQ held a meet and greet party. Come and meet Britain’s longest serving political party leader of 20 years. A very special oil painting commissioned by Anna-Lisa Coleman was presented to me on behalf of all our Welsh Loony Party members. I must admit I was quite overwhelmed and honoured!

All in all a wonderful performance, thanks to all our Welsh Loony’s, especially Anna-Lisa, Hugo Shovit, Dana minister for Fiddles, Craig, Lindsay and team at the Neuadd and all the fantastic people of Llanwrtyd.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Loony Party Leader.