ASBOs – a proposal from Daniel

Yobs and delinquent youths, seem to like ASBOs they treat them like a medal. Well an idea to fix this is call them: “Magic Pink Fluffy Bunny awards” no one not even a yob would want to get  that. Perhaps as an extra deterrent they have to wear pink fluffy bunny ears and a badge saying: “I love the magic pink fluffy bunny”

Political correctness

The Isle of Wight should be changed to: “The Isle of Mixed Races, and Cultures Located off the Coast of Britain.”


GCSE English exams be given a more straight-forward layout, with lots of
short questions like the Maths papers have.

Animal fashions

It is proposed that :Pets, especially cats and dogs, may not be dressed in miniature human clothing for the purpose of human amusement, unless the animal in question can equip the clothing himself/herself. Punishable by dressing the owner of the animal in miniature human clothing.

OMRLP on YouTube


A Media BTEC course at Cirencester college group made this OMRLP video entitled “We Couldnt Think of a Slogan” as part of their Political Advertising project.
Have a look at this

Apparently when we field 52 Candidates we are then entiled to a three minute political broadcast Could this be our video? Its a lot more interesting than the other political parties broadcasts, (mind you watching paint dry would be more interesting than that) and its obviously designed to be a vote catcher.
Our thanks for this go to Clare and Robert, Ian and Becky. Fame at last, and possibly a distinction.

Loony Campaign Gunning for Success

It just goes to show that the loony party can make a difference. Several of our ex military members have been campaigning in Aldershot to have a 25lb Field Gun outside Aldershot railway station refurbished and looked after as part of Aldershots and indeed everyones heritage. They have after much campaigning and writing finally succeeded when TeamRushmoor from Rushmoor Borough Council’s started work to restore the Field Gun to its former glory in time for Remembrance Day.
A full report on this can be found in the Aldershot News

We hope to have a pic of this here shortly. Well done Loony’s

Sweet Shares

Sell shares in Northen rock, buy shares in Blackpool rock!

Jersey Flyer reaches the top of Mount Etna

As we speak The Jersey Flyer has reached the top of Mount Etna in Sicily. As a World renowned mountaineer our New Party Chairman has once again beaten the odds to reach the top of this live Volcano. It is the largest active volcano in Europe, currently standing about 3,326 m (10,910 ft) high.jerseyclimb2


Jersey Flyer has of course conquered several other high places and here is the Raving loony mountaineer on top of Ausrtia’s 2nd highest mountain – The KITSTEINHORN. Loony card and sticker left at the top so all would know that the Loony Party were there before any others -and THAT’S OFFICIAL!!

Election Footprint

Having read John Cartwrights fascinating diary and insights into the everyday activities of fellow candidates, I couldnt help but admire John in that his campaigning is done on foot, whilst the others all use their cars. Once again the OMRLP lead the way in showing the other candidates that campaigning can be done without leaving a massive Carbon Footprint. Indeed the only footprint John leaves is when he accidently treads in something.