Floods everywhere

“building on floodplains in future will be restricted to large houseboats with recoiling tethers like dog  leads.  These houses will be able to float up with the floodwater and land safely again in the same place when the water subsides.” This was an election Loony manifesto proposal from 2001. Once again we are years ahead.

(Gordon Brown takes over)

After 10 years Gordon Brown our ex chancellor has now become Prime Minister, with a speech that spreads the word “Change” around like confetti. I am a little confused as this is the guy that has held control over home affairs and finance for ten years and has put in place more taxes than any previous chancellor of the exchequer in history. So by “Change” is he referring to the little bit of loose change which remains in my wages after tax.

(Tony Blair resigns)

Well finally its happened. Tony Blair has resigned and made way for Gordon Brown.
He is now going to become Middle East peace Envoy. Probably the most inappropriate job he could have  been offered, considering he has caused more deaths and hardship in the Middle East since Gengis Khan.